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EIC 22 question

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EIC 22 question Empty EIC 22 question

Post by DonBrummer on 8/26/2017, 9:16 pm

Is a hi-vis fiber optic front sight legal?  I'm thinking yes based upon the 2017 edition of the rule book. Page 43.  http://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/Rulebook.pdf

6.2.6 22 Rimfire Pistol
Pistols that comply with this rule may be used in CMP-Sanctioned 22 Rimfire Pistol Matches. The following rules apply to 22 Rimfire Pistols:
[list="list-style-type: none"]
[*]a)  The pistol may be either a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver.
[*]b)  The pistol must be chambered for the .22 cal. rimfire long rifle cartridge.
[*]c)  The pistol may have asymmetrical, orthopedic or specially shaped grips.
[*]d)  The pistol may have only open sights. Optical sights are not permitted. The rear sight may be adjustable, but must have an open “U” or rectangular notch. Extended or adjustable front sights are not permitted. The total sight radius may not be more than 10.0 inches as measured from the rear surface of the rear sight to the highest point of the front sight.
[*]e)  The pistol must have a trigger pull of at least 2.0 pounds.
[*]f)  Any system of recoil control based on a compensator, barrel venting, barrel porting or other recoil reduction system operating in a similar manner is prohibited. 

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EIC 22 question Empty Re: EIC 22 question

Post by cdrt on 8/27/2017, 7:06 am

That's the way we have been interpreting it, since they allow them for the Service Pistol; see 6.2.2 (e).

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