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Help with Paper Punching Equipment Sales

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Help with Paper Punching Equipment Sales Empty Help with Paper Punching Equipment Sales

Post by 12Dave12 9/19/2017, 1:20 pm

Good Afternoon,

This certainly seems familliar and then not.  I was a member of this board back when it was what we called a bullitenn board.  My how you have grown.  and it was about that time (Late 1990's eaarly 2000's) when I put my bullseye box in the bottom of the safe.

So now I find myself looking to sell a variety of paper punching equipment.  I do not have a clear thought on values as I have seen prices wildly fluctuate.  The equipment I have was lightly used as my wallet exceeded my skill levely vastly.  Also I am uncertain whether to sell as a set or in pieces.

Im sure this forum has not changed much so  the joksters that will suggest selling (or giving) everything away (to them) can just refrain from the key board for a while.

I think of this equipment in two groups.  THe 208s, Marvel and such is my personal equipment.  The SP20 and such came to my by way of a dear fellow shooter who passed durring the last recession.  The family asked me to sell his guns.  Most our sold, but I could not bring myself to "off" the SP20 in such a poor economy.  I bought it from the estate for a fair value and it has sat in my safe for the past 7 years.

So I have:

Marvel conversion Kit, 2 magazines with nylon pouch and springs.  I bought this when they were in early release.  I recall it functions perfectly.

I also have a Hammerli 208s with the original box (some deterioation of the foam cut out).  I bought this gun used back in the day from an older shooter who bought it late in his game.

It has a 5 digit serial number that starts 459xx

On the right side of the slide it is engraved "W & H Anderson Groveland California".  If memory servers me Mr. Anderson was a smith and his specialty was placing a slight grove in the barrell to allow for the mounting of a slide.  I never used this as I preferred the iron sights at the time.

I did add a grip modification that changed the angle to resemble a 1911.  These were very new at the time as I bought mine over a table (at camp Perry) from the guy who made them.  The screws became tight (difficult to remove).  I have a complete new screw kit and a hand written note from Brian apologizing for the issue.

This grip is currently on the gun again and again a tad difficult to remove.

In 2000 I sent the gun to Larry on the East Coast.  He did a complete look over and replaced the hammer and sear.  I have the originals.

So let's see, I have the gun, original box/factory target/factory tool kit and grips, the grip adjuster (1911 style), weights one new in box 200 gm),have 4 magazines, and a complete spring and parts repair kit.  One from Larry and one from Hammerli.  Finally I have a new Ransom Rest base specific for the Hammerli 208s.

I also am selling a SP 20.  Other than shooting next to the original owner for several years I can only tell you observational information.

He bought it new.  The serial number is 000092.  I have the original box (foan=m deteriation) papers and factory target. I know it was purchased new with a left handed grip (buddy was a south paw).  He "customized" the grips so consider the gun gripless.  It has a scope base that Larry installed new with the gun.  I have 2 magazines as well.  I also have the original 32 caliber conversion kit with the original box and 2 magazines.  as well the factory repair tools etc.

So some nice (older) stuff.  I have older in several RL Shockey 45's, but those I'm not ready to part with....yet.

so some help with values and how to group it would be really helpful.

Thanks guys and moreso thanks to the folks that run this sight.  It was a pleasure to find you twenty years later.



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Help with Paper Punching Equipment Sales Empty Re: Help with Paper Punching Equipment Sales

Post by CR10X 9/19/2017, 2:11 pm


I remember the old bulletin board days as well. 

Looking at the classified section on this site and a little research there will probably give you some idea of the values today.  Additionally you can check out 


buy/sell area.  You will probably find more interest in the SP20 there.  

Marvels and Hammerli's, especially 208s, seem to move pretty well if in good condition and with the extras you describe (do not undervalue the extra magazines).  Be sure to specify if you have the Euro version or the American version with the safety on the rear of the slide.  Pictures will help you sell.



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