Mantis X features

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Mantis X features

Post by 30harry on 11/4/2017, 7:31 am

Since the rep monitors this forum I'll ask my question here and anybody can jump in.  

I'm extremely intrigued by this device and have ordered one and have a couple questions. 

Does the feedback given by the device apply equally to a one hand versus a two hand grip? I.e., if it says "too much finger in the trigger". Does it apply to both a one versus two hand gripping style? If not, there should be a selection in settings that allows that to be chosen.  

Since in bullseye mode it shows the movement prior to hammer fall, can this info be shown as a pattern size at a specific distance? I.e., you were only holding in a 4" circle at 25 yds before hammer fall. I see that as being a huge training aid for dry fire practice.


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