WTB: S&W J-Frame Square Butt Grips

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WTB: S&W J-Frame Square Butt Grips

Post by Tim:H11 on 1/2/2018, 8:58 pm

Not Bullseye - I know. I'm sorry. But there are plenty of revolver guys here so I'm asking.

I'm looking to buy a pair of Smith and Wesson J-Frame Grips Square Butt. Not round. I'm looking for a pair for carry use. I have a little Model 36 and the original grips are in pretty decent shape. I'd like to preserve them and carry the gun with a different pair of stocks. I use the Tyler T-Grip along with the factory stocks. So if you have a pair of J-Frame Square Butt plain old factory wood grips that would be what I'm looking for. Thank you. Search your junk drawers and parts boxes!  Smile

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