Ruger Enters Competitive Shooting

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Post by MarkOue on 1/27/2018, 8:55 am

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Most people reading this forum are advanced competitive shooters some of whom may not find this interesting.  I think I’m in the bottom of the advance group but that could be argued against.  Nevertheless I think most here will enjoy this.  Regardless of our ability many competed with a Ruger in our past.  I have a Mark II which although overshadowed by a Pardini SP, and Nelson and Marvel 1911 conversions, I have no intention of selling.  Why would I?  It’s a great pistol! 
This week at the SHOT show I had lunch with a former colleague Brandon Trevino who a few years ago to become the new product manager for Ruger semi auto pistols.  Being a former member of the National Military Academy’s (West Point) pistol team Brandon knows something about pistol competition.   
Presently Ruger offers what are called Competition models of the Mark IV and 1911 pistols.  Frankly, their triggers feel like squeezing a wet noodle.  Very shortly however Ruger will offer a true competition Mark IV pistol.  Hopefully it will leave the factory with a crisp, adjustable trigger.  Further they will offer a 1911 that will be closer to what we desire for a competition gun.   This won’t come fast as the Mark IV super Comp (my name), but it will come.   
Ruger must be serious about competition since they signed a many time national champion to shoot for them.  Doug Koenig of Bianchi Cup fame is now a Ruger shooter.
Doug stated in the above article, "I am thrilled to join Team Ruger and partner with such an iconic brand in our industry," said Koenig. "Ruger's depth and breadth of products is a perfect fit for both my competitive shooting and hunting endeavors."
Ruger’s plan is to offer a pistol just as Doug Koenig will shoot.  Will that be a 1911?  Whatever model it is it will include all the internal parts that Doug selects.  Obviously, Doug’s gun will of course have the finest gunsmithing.  How close will the new Ruger be to a real competition ready gun?   Probably better than most of use started with.  The improvements to Doug's action pistol will bleed over into a bullseye 1911, I hope.  It would be great if they would have Doug compete in at least the CMP matches at  Camp Perry.  
Personally, I hope that Ruger will sponsor teams and also something like the CMP Glock match.  I also suggested they have a booth on Commercial Row.
What does the largest gun maker in America sponsoring an action shooter and offering what will mid-level competition guns mean for us shooters who demand a sub-2” 50 yard gun?   More entry-level shooters of course! 

Other opinions may of course differ from mine.

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Post by Mac2 on 1/29/2018, 9:27 am

Hard to couple "accuracy" with "Ruger."  However, a new page might be turning.  The Mark IV is a departure from the safe path.  A Mark IV Lite has the right weight, and sufficient accuracy, to aid in bringing new competitors - well, after fixing the trigger.  
A Commander size 1911 with lightweight frame and slide cut for red-dot-sight would be great for new competitor's CF pistol.  Ruger likes to have bold markings, so set the trigger for bullseye and boldly mark the result: FOR COMPETITION ONLY


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Post by desben on 1/29/2018, 11:28 am

My fear is that the "Mark IV super comp" will be targeted for tactical competion, not bullseye competition. It will have 3-dot or fibre optic sights, numerous rails for lasers and flashlights, a large magwell, etc. Makes sense, there are many more IPSC / IDPA shooters than bullseye/ISSF.

My dream Mark IV would be based on the current 5" target, have a sweet adjustable trigger and large bomar-style adjustable sights. It wouldn't have a magazine disconnect.

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