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Revolver Load. Empty Revolver Load.

Post by Paper-Puncher on 6/17/2012, 5:27 pm

Hey guys been awhile since Ive been on. I took a few months to off BE shooting to do some Tactical type shooting with my carry guns , I enjoyed it but I'm ready to get back to some target work.....Just picked up a new GP-100 in a 6'' for target work . I know the S&W 14 is better but outside of a new one all the used ones I found where pretty ruff.....So I just got a new Ruger .....Just lookin for some info here....I need a starting point for a load ....should I use 148 WC or 158 LSWC most of my shooting will be 25yds and I have BE and Clays on hand....This gun is just a Target range toy as most of you know I shoot BE just as a Hobby so seriuos competition isnt something I do....But still I enjoy my range time....So what do you revolver guys think ? where should I start load wise ? I have some 158 gr Lswc on hand to start with but need to get more bullets . Do the 158 LSWC's do better or is the 148 WC the raod I need to take.


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Revolver Load. Empty Try both

Post by charlie_seablom on 6/17/2012, 11:13 pm

I have a 4" GP-100 and both type of bullet work. Try both and see if your gun has a preference. I use mostly Bullseye and find that 2.7 works well with both types of bullets. I've never used Clays so I have no recommendation for it.


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