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Ramped barrel for 45

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Ramped barrel for 45 Empty Ramped barrel for 45

Post by jodykid 2/13/2018, 4:21 pm

Hi, Guys. This question is for you gunsmith types out there. Is there an advantage to using a ramped barrel for standard ball loads (not hot) for a 45 auto?

I can see a need for a high pressure cartridge like 9 Luger or 38 super but does it help a 45? If so is a Clark/Para or Wilson/Nolin better?

This will be for a USPSA Single Stack or IDPA CDP pistol needing to make a 165 power factor. (which is less than GI ball)



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Ramped barrel for 45 Empty Re: Ramped barrel for 45

Post by Jon Eulette 2/13/2018, 4:36 pm

I personally do not think it makes a difference. From Ransom rest I've gotten same results. I've seen more issues with fully ramped barrels having feeding problems with jhp than standard barrels.
Jon Eulette
Jon Eulette

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