S & W Model 52-1 For Sale - SOLD

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S & W Model 52-1 For Sale - SOLD

Post by John Dervis on Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:41 am

The 52 has been sold.  Thanks for the interest.

I've did some spring cleaning over the weekend and have too much stuff I don't use.  I have decided to sell my Model 52-1 to someone that will use and enjoy it.  I have owned this since 1996 or so and used it until the early 2000's mostly indoors.  I haven't used at all in the last 15 years so I gave it a thorough cleaning (including cleaning the magazines) last fall and then test fired it with 10 rounds through each magazine.  Everything worked perfectly.  There are various spots of bluing wear and dings so this is a shooter for sure but it still looks good and functions fine.  The worst spot shows up in one of those picture on the dust cover.  There are some dings and buggering around that screw hole used for the weights/scope mount.  Here is what's included

4 Magazines
Original Barrel Weights
Bushing Wrench
Extra Slide Stop
BME Scope Mount that attaches to the weight rails

(FWIW - The box is a Model 52 box but I'm not sure it is original to this gun.  That box is inside a shipping box that was used by S&W to return the gun to it's previous owner in the early 80's so I think it will likely be from that era)

Asking $1500.00 plus the cost of shipping.  I am in Northern Illinois if anyone wants to see it / buy it in person. 

Let me know if you have any questions.


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