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Follow through, the sight?

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Follow through, the sight? Empty Follow through, the sight?

Post by Mike38 4/1/2018, 11:42 pm

Follow through in a basic sentence:

The continuation of doing after the shot breaks, what you were doing before the shot breaks.

Okay, I get that, I think. But, when the pistol recoils, does the eye stay were it was, or does the eye follow the front sight upwards with the recoil, and then follow the front sight back down? Or to word it another way, do you temporarily loose the front sight then regain it? Or do you never never ever allow yourself to loose that front sight?

This is somewhat confusing to me. Thank you.

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Follow through, the sight? Empty Re: Follow through, the sight?

Post by Jon Eulette 4/2/2018, 12:46 am

Through practice when you actually learn to watch the front sight your eye will stay with it continuously.
Jon Eulette
Jon Eulette

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Follow through, the sight? Empty Re: Follow through, the sight?

Post by Tim:H11 4/2/2018, 9:31 am

Yup! Here I go again with the muzzle loaders... I can say that when I was learning follow through I had to be able to hold the gun with the sights aligned and at the aiming area through out the the movements of the ignition parts doing their thing. The gun goes bang, and carries my arm up and away. With muzzleloaders theres no recovery for a second shot. The gun is empty. So we ride out recoil to it's peak. The gun will "park" near same place every time if your shots are consistently correct. If it felt right and parked where it needed to on the page, then I could tell the shot was good and centered up. A 10 somewhere. Overtime I got to the point where I could call the area of the target the shot had gone. And eventually I would know it's a deep inside ten or maybe an X. 25 yards is where this is all happening. 

So when you are "following through" your focus will stay with the front sight. You shouldn't have to teach your self to stay with the front sight through recoil. But in dry fire practice, teaching yourself to stay focused on the front even after the gun goes click will help you learn to stay focused on the front sight always. So when you go to the range and you work with ammunition it shouldn't be any different than dry fire except of course the recoil. But in dry fire you've taught yourself to stay on the front sight. So you continue that practice in live fire. It will somewhat come naturally so long as you are focusing on the front sight through all phases of the shot and even a couple of seconds or a few seconds after the gun goes click in dry fire. 

I watched Greg Markowski of the AMU shoot a team match once. It was the regionals here in Tennessee in May 2017. For one reason or another their guns over time stop locking back after the final shot is fired with an empty mag in the well. Then they need to be repaired or have springs replaced or what ever the issue is corrected. I asked Jim Henderson who was there that weekend about it during lunch. He said the guns over time get that way from being shot all the time and they just get corrected. That's all. Not a big deal he said. But my point is I was watching Greg shoot and on the occasion his slide didn't lock back, he would recover for another shot, hold, press trigger and click. When the gun went click it didn't move the least bit. That's follow through. Expecting the gun to go bang, but when it goes click instead, the gun sits there.

Learn this and you will naturally follow the front sight through recoil.

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Follow through, the sight? Empty Re: Follow through, the sight?

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