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CCI 0056 22 LR Subsonic HP

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CCI 0056 22 LR Subsonic HP Empty CCI 0056 22 LR Subsonic HP

Post by Orpanaut 4/3/2018, 3:22 pm

Has anyone else tried this ammo in their .22 bullseye guns?

I picked some up when I couldn't find CCI SV.  It comes in the convenient 100 round boxes and retails for around $7.50/100.  CCI lists a muzzle velocity of 1050 FPS versus 1070 FPS for the SV load; felt recoil and point of impact at 25 yards seem to be identical.  

I haven't shot it off the bench and measured groups but it did seem to shoot all the X's I could squeeze out of my Nelson conversion in sustained fire practice. 

Since it's a hollow point bullet, the overall length is significantly shorter than CCI SV: 0.963" versus 0.992".  This might make the Subsonic HP a good option for shooters with Euro pistols designed around shorter European ammo.  Then again, the blunt bullet shape could cause feeding problems as well, although it ran 100% in my Nelson. 

Has anyone tested it at 50 yards?


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CCI 0056 22 LR Subsonic HP Empty Re: CCI 0056 22 LR Subsonic HP

Post by Wobbley 4/3/2018, 3:30 pm

I’ve shot some of the Fiocchi equivalent. Shot real good in my 41. I will test it at 50 soon

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