SPF - S&W M41 Magazines (1st Generation)

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SPF - S&W M41 Magazines (1st Generation)

Post by CR10X on Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:37 am

I have two (2) early (1957 to early 1960's) S&W M41 magazines for sale.  First generation, two piece, staked back, metal follower, removable base, etc.  Used but in great condition, functioned in my early A series with CCI Std. Vel.   I saw one of these on ebay going for $125.   I have rarely seen any others for sale (although I'm sure someone will have hundreds after this post).

So please MP me for pics if need.  Price is $150 for both magazines, shipped.  

Anyway, I want these to go to a good home (someone with an early M41 so I would like confirmation of that - don't want someone that just wants to resell).  




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