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Brass Carcher Purchase

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Brass Carcher Purchase  Empty Brass Carcher Purchase

Post by Tim:H11 Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:00 pm

I have, and for some time now, admired the brass catchers I see that so many shooters use on the line at matches. Mostly I see the round butterfly style that Champions Choice sells, and the square CMM Model. Not owning a brass catcher at all I always borrowed one from the match director here locally or from one of the range officers. I’ve been fortunate to borrow both makes numerous times allowing me to get a feel for the pros and cons of each. Recently I purchased the CMM model and here’s why. 

Where you might save a little bit of money by purchaseing the lesser costing Champions Choice Model there are features that the CMM Model has that are worth the extra money. First off, the Champions Choice Model doesn’t have any arms to help keep the netting open. The CMM Model does. When the netting falls or hangs low into the opening on the Champions Choice Model, brass can actually bounce off the net and not enter at all. The brass catcher is useless unless you periodically fluff the netting and lift it away from the opening. If it’s windy forget it. The fragile adjustments made to the lightweight mesh fabric won’t last. 

The CMM Model has two arms that push and hold open the net. Not only does the net stay open but the net is designed to have a space below the opening. Brass travels in, bounces off the back that is angled and drops down. No risk of coming out unless the brass missed the net completely. 

The second reason I really like the CMM over the Champions Choice Model is because the brass collects at the bottom of the CMM’s net and has a draw string that can be loosened to open up and dump or drain the brass from the net and catch it in a bag or bucket. The Champions Choice Model has no escape hatch. You have to reach in and get it all out or fiddle with the net to dump out the brass. Not a big deal but the CMM catcher makes the task so much easier. 

Lastly the CMM catcher is very adjustable for height, and the ability to angle the netting so you can catch as much as possible. The champions choice catcher just simply isn’t as flexible. 

I ordered and received my CMM Catcher and loved using the one I borrowed. I can’t wait to use my own now. Just thought I’d share.

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Brass Carcher Purchase  Empty Re: Brass Carcher Purchase

Post by zanemoseley Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:10 pm

If my CMM went missing a fresh $100 bill would fly out of my pocket in a hurry to get another. Its a great mix of compactness, adjustability and quality construction.


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Brass Carcher Purchase  Empty Re: Brass Carcher Purchase

Post by Bullseye_Stan Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:19 am

They make a high quality product.  I used my CMM brass catcher for the first 1/2 dozen times without ever closing that draw string at the bottom of the net.  I started off keeping the brass catcher in this fluorescent green bag I got at a gun show;  I tried to arrange the bag so the collected the brass from the netting would fall into the bag.  I did that through several league matches and a couple of practice trips to the range.  Recognizing that draw string closes was a definite 'ah ha' moment.

I also drilled holes too small in my pistol box when mounting the CMM carrier bracket.  Since the brass catcher didn't have any instructions, I figured why would any of their other products?  So, I matched a drill bit to the screws and set off on the installation.  I broke two of the stainless steel #10 screws (not that easy to do) and eventually went to a larger drill bit.  Then, for some reason, I found the instructions which state 3/32" holes.  Another 'ah ha' moment.


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Brass Carcher Purchase  Empty Re: Brass Carcher Purchase

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