Mike38-your Benelli?

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Mike38-your Benelli?

Post by Russ OR on 7/6/2017, 5:32 pm

Mike 38: You post showed a Benelli. - Is that your match 22? - How long have  you had it? Is it reliable? pros? -cons?  - If you don't mind. -- -Thanks, Russ

Russ OR

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Re: Mike38-your Benelli?

Post by Mike38 on 7/7/2017, 4:38 pm

Yes, I use this Benelli MP95E Atlanta in matches. I bought it from a forum member here about 3-4 months ago. Once I figured out the little quirks, it's been a great little pistol. By quirks I mean you have to keep the chamber clean, very clean. I start the match with a clean gun, then give the chamber a quick cleaning with a 6mm brush right after the last slow fire target. Might be over kill, as I have gone 100 rounds without a cleaning, but don't want problems popping up during a match so I give it that quick brushing. The recoil spring needs to be replaced often otherwise it occasionally has problems going fully into battery, especially if the chamber is dirty. It is light in weight without the barrel weights, but I found that I prefer it that way. Does very good with CCI-SV and Fiocchi SV. Does not like Eley for some reason. Sights are great. Overall, I like it.


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