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Another forgotten gem

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Another forgotten gem Empty Another forgotten gem

Post by dronning 9/20/2018, 9:09 am

Enjoy! Eds Red and many, many more, I really like the Tumblersaurus Rex!

Homemade Firearm Cleaners & Lubricants
- Dave

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Another forgotten gem Empty Re: Another forgotten gem

Post by chopper 9/20/2018, 10:15 am

Dave, I started using this 50-50 formula about 5yrs ago, it works great. I did leave it in a stainless barrel too long once by accident, around 15mins as I answered the door and helped a neighbor. When I got back to it the barrel had a light etch on it. Did it ruin the barrel? I'd say yeah, I shot it for years after that, the surfaces are shiny now. I bet it wore the barrel bigger, like .0005"-.001", who knows without taking accurate measurements before and after.
  Would I use it again, you bet, and I still do sometimes if I want a squeeky clean surface. I would not use it longer than 3mins, you can always reapply it. I swab it out until dry patch comes clean then use kroil soaked patch and wait about 10-15 mins then dry patch until clean patch comes out.
 I rarely clean this intensely, really no need to with a good bullet fit and load. Mostly use the kroil for most lead removal after a solvent like Hopps no9 or Eds Red. My formula: (1 pint Dexron ATF, 1 pint Kerosene-K1, 1 pint mineral spirits, 1 pint acetone), this works great for cutting carbon and way cheaper than Hopps. 


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