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The EyePal

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The EyePal Empty The EyePal

Post by N5XTH 8/30/2012, 9:18 pm

Just curious if it is worth looking into or not.


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The EyePal Empty Re: The EyePal

Post by rob5r 8/31/2012, 8:35 am

You might want to look at the Merit or Gehmann iris'. I am having vision issues also, so I am trying the Gehmann. I like the merit or Gehmann because you can easily flip it up and out of the way when not shooting. Then it goes right back where you had it when you flip it back down. Quick, easy and consistant. Reading the EyePal website, it sounds like their device sticks to your glasses, and would not be easily repeated if you move it between your 10 shot strings. If you wear safety glasses or have a dedicated pair of prescription glasses, this might not be an issue. But I wear my regular glasses and like the Gehmann because it flips up and down like the occluder I wear on my non-dominate eye. I'm still out on the whole iris thing, but it seems to be helping. Gonna shoot my first match with it tomorrow, so we'll see.

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The EyePal Empty Re: The EyePal

Post by clark2245 8/31/2012, 11:51 am

I have been using the 'Merit Optical Attachment' for over 10 years now and find it essential for open sight bullseye shooting. Even though I have a special pair of glasses made up to move my focus distance to the front sight the iris still clears things up a little more and for bullseye level precision it is very important to see the sights as clearly as possible. I like the Merit because the size of the iris is adjustable which helps under the varying lighting conditions I encounter indoors vs outdoors, and even on a cloudy or sunny day. Costs a bit more but it is still cheap compared to most of the rest of our equipment. One source where it is available is www.championshooters.com/optical-iris-ssl.htm .


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The EyePal Empty Re: The EyePal

Post by Paper-Puncher 8/31/2012, 1:46 pm


I use a Merit and a occular for open sights always...and sometimes with the dot.....Do a little experiment to see if it will be to your liking before you buy one ...Use a leather or some other fine punch and punch a CLEAN hole in a piece of black tape ....make the hole about 1/16 or so....Put the said tape on your glasses in line with your vision....cover your non shooting eye and shoot with both eye open....if your sights and/or dot is cleaner and crisper with the tape the iris will help you as well.....I would spend the cash on the Merit or the Gehman....as they are both adjustable and you need that to be able to adjust for changes in lighting or indoor/out.....


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The EyePal Empty Re: The EyePal

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