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Xesse Problems

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Xesse Problems - Page 2 Empty Xesse Problems

Post by 7tcu on 1/13/2020, 11:13 am

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Let me ask this a different way. I need a gunsmith to work on my pistol. I bought this off a fellow in Florida who told me this was a go to go pistol which turns out be be a lie. The slide was worn out and it jammed every other round. I bit the bullet and started changing out parts. I bought a new slide, firing pin and spring. Everything fit except the firing pin will not come out all the way and hit the rim hard enough to fire the gun. I can push on the firing pin and some times it will protrude all the way and other time it hangs up. So as a result it will not fire. So I need some help getting the pistol working properly. Any one know who might help me out. Thanks Jim

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Xesse Problems - Page 2 Empty Re: Xesse Problems

Post by Wobbley on 1/22/2020, 9:49 pm

rich.tullo wrote:Xsse are like VW Passats great until you get a bad one and they they are madening. Did you check the triggegaurd/Slide stop. sometimes they go and the masses up the timing. 

I would have paid a machinist to make that part out of armorer's steel or tungsten.
Good luck finding a machinist who can work tungsten.  Most tungsten parts are made from powdered metal.

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