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ATF Chief to Resign

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ATF Chief to Resign Empty ATF Chief to Resign

Post by F. Paul Figlia 6/20/2011, 12:40 pm

CNN Reports:

Two senior federal law enforcement sources say acting ATF director Kenneth Melson is expected to resign under pressure, perhaps in the next day or two, amid the ongoing controversy over the "Fast and Furious" operation in which straw buyers were allowed to illegally purchase large numbers of weapons, some of which ended up in the hands of cartels in Mexico.

It's about darn time - I just hope the taxpayers don't end up funding Melson's none too early retirement party.

F. Paul Figlia

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ATF Chief to Resign Empty Re: ATF Chief to Resign

Post by Steve Yuszka 6/20/2011, 9:56 pm

The "above the law" attitude of some beurocrates always infuriates me. Just went through my FFL audit; it is amazing how they will make up "regulations" to find negative practices. What was correct two years ago is now incorrect, "gottcha". And they cannot show you in print, just "that's the way we want it done now".
Steve Yuszka
Steve Yuszka

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