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Aguila Super Extra at good prices

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Aguila Super Extra at good prices Empty Aguila Super Extra at good prices

Post by Lightfoot 12/31/2021, 11:42 am

Howdy all,


I thought I'd share this source.  Aguila Super Extra 20 boxes for $76.  Here's a trick to get 20% off.  Leave it in your cart for 2 days and they will send a code for 20% off.  I have now ordered 4 time with them and I get the shipment within 2-3 days.  They ship out of Laredo, so I'm not that far. 

The site seemed a little dicey at first.  I had to use a different browser with a private window to complete the sale.  The first time I even had to add some other stuff to the cart.  (50 rnd of 5.56 which also shipped out for 20% off).  

In todays market under $40 shipped for a brick is a good deal. I've run a couple of cases of SE and have no complaints.  It shoots to call and feeds and fires every time.

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