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Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion?

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Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion? - Page 2 Empty Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion?

Post by mpolans 2/13/2022, 8:05 pm

First topic message reminder :

Nighthawk Custom is producing two 1911s in the new .30 Super Carry caliber, which means there are going to be commercially available .32acp/.32wc sized magazines available (*might* need a spacer). This will remove one obstacle for making .32acp/.32wc 1911 conversion kits. 

What do y'all think? Will Nelson or Marvel finally make one?


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Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion? - Page 2 Empty Re: Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion?

Post by chiz1180 2/15/2022, 8:33 pm

mpolans wrote:Nelson is able to sell their standard kit with scope rail for $525.  Assuming the Nighthawk mags are reasonably priced, I would think it'd be doable to make and sell a .32acp conversion kit for about $700, maybe less. I guess the big question is, how many folks would be willing to buy a .32acp kit if it cost about $700? Would it make a difference if it was easier to load accurate ammo for it than for a Pardini HP? (no custom expander or sizing dies, etc)
So you value a 32 1911 conversion only about a $200 premium to a 22 conversion? Ignoring magazines, all the small parts would have to be developed and tested, R&D is not cheap especially with specialized manufacturing needs (e.g. heat treat, finishing, ect). The sales volume would be significantly less too, meaning any specialized parts for a 32 conversion inherently would cost more. I seriously doubt a $200 margin over their standard product (which historically has had a waitlist) would justify production.

Don't forget that Pardini has a European market for their 32 that a 1911 conversion in 32acp could never touch. 

The best bet for 1911 in 32 happening is if a talented gunsmith was motivated to make it happen, realizing that it would require a significant amount of work and being ok with getting little return on the effort.

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Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion? - Page 2 Empty Re: Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion?

Post by RoyDean 2/15/2022, 8:44 pm


Are you guys kidding me?

32ACP match ammo cost $1/round even before C19. Even the bullets currently cost $0.25/pc.

A 32ACP conversion kit for a Pardini currently costs about $1,500. They have already done all of the development and have a proven product that is commercial.


Folks are dreaming lol!


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Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion? - Page 2 Empty Re: Time for a .32acp 1911 conversion?

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