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Shorter sight radius

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Shorter sight radius Empty Shorter sight radius

Post by hammerli Wed Sep 07, 2022 9:02 am

Let me begin by quoting the great Alex Taransky who once said "When you start fiddling with your equipment, all progress as a shooter stops" or something like that.

I was thinking of the great Darius Young who I believe had reworked some of his pistols, or got this done by Don Nygord?

His free pistol was a Toz and here he had moved the rear sight up towards the muzzle end so that the rear blade was not overhanging beyond the web of his gripping hand. Normal sights  are so placed, in Free and Air Pistol that the rear blade moves opposite to the front sight since the rear sight is beyond the pivot point.
Moving the rear sight forward makes both sights move in the same direction so errors in alignment are not so exaggerated. Movement is the same but sights "Appear" more aligned and stable. This helps overcome trigger inhibition and allows a smooth trigger pressure to the rear.

Question, does anyone have any thoughts on moving the rear sight of a Morini 162E towards the front maybe somewhere forward of  the web of the gripping hand?

I agree I am fiddling with my equipment


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