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Sig P240 Adventure

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Sig P240 Adventure Empty Sig P240 Adventure

Post by fc60 3/27/2023, 6:10 pm


One of my favourite 32's is the SIG P240. Sadly, mine started to "double" and I put it away. Last week, Friday, I dug it out and took another look. I could see a flat spot worn on the trigger bar caused by the slide engaging it many cycles. Emailed Red Feather asking if they had the part. 30 minutes later I get a phone call from them saying "yes, we have the part". Great, I gave them my Credit Card and the order would be mailed Saturday. Today, Monday, the part was in my mailbox!!!

Two snaps and a twist for Red Feather!!!

Now the fun began...

The trigger bar is pinned to the trigger. No worries, just drive out the trigger pin and remove the assembly.

WRONG, assembly will not pull out to the front.

Okay, looks like the sear is in the way. First, I removed the front and rear sear adjustment screws, springs and plunger. Drove out the sear pin, and was unable to remove the sear.

TRY AGAIN. I removed the hammer after removing the hammer spring. This also releases the ejector. More parts on the bench...

Cleaned all the bits and pieces and installed my new trigger bar and started assembly.

More fun that a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Finally got all the pieces back into the gun with no extras left on the bench.

Adjusting the two sear screws is a closely held secret. It must be as I cannot find a "How to" regarding trigger adjustment. My method I will keep under my hat until I function fire a few hundred rounds to prove out my efforts.

Working on the P240 reaffirmed my admiration for the Swiss craftsmen/craftswomen.

Pray for me when I test it out next Monday morning...



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