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CMM Grip Adapter for FWB AW93

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CMM Grip Adapter for FWB AW93 Empty CMM Grip Adapter for FWB AW93

Post by Rush223 10/26/2023, 6:13 pm

I have a CMM grip adapter for a Hammerli/Sig Xesse and really like it. It does make the pistol feel very similar to a 1911. 

My question is how well does the adapter work with the FWB AW93. I have this pistol and it shoots very well and parts are available. But the grip is not close to a 1911 service pistol, which I’m still trying to learn to shoot. I’ve looked at the website and the adapter looks a little funky. I would like to get feedback from those who have used this setup. 




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CMM Grip Adapter for FWB AW93 Empty Re: CMM Grip Adapter for FWB AW93

Post by Sa-tevp 10/27/2023, 1:24 am

I like my AW93 with fitted anatomical grips but I like ISSF competition. My coach who is categorized as NRA Master has the CMM adapter and trigger.

The CMM adapter raises the bore line from the original design of the pistol. Maybe good for US competition and bad for International competition.

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