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NY 1800 postal match is on again

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NY 1800 postal match is on again Empty NY 1800 postal match is on again

Post by bruce martindale Sat Jan 20, 2024 4:14 pm

A shorter, cheaper, fun match for NY state residents.

I’m not sure you will see any NYS indoor championships again this year so I’m offering an option.

The course is a 22 900 and a CF 900 to be shot before the end of April 2024. Cost is $5, it’s not registered or approved and there are no awards; just bragging rights.

It’s simply a match fired at your NY club, at your convenience, with results sent to me by email by your club representative. I’m aggregating results. Last year I had 10 clubs and 74 shooters participating.

PM or email me if you want to play this year and I will send you the excell score sheet 

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