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Ear Plugs - Spark Plugs

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Ear Plugs - Spark Plugs  Empty Ear Plugs - Spark Plugs

Post by Russ OR 2/10/2024, 12:37 pm

I prefer comfortable ear plugs to muffs- especially practicing & in warm/hot weather.
I like "SPARK PLUGS".  --- Soft- comfortable - tapered so you can insert different depths for comfort.   - -  I put them in all the way then withdraw to comfort depth.
Moldex Spark Plugs - I get the box of 200pr: #6604.

mark them L & R, use 2-maybe 3 times - discard    2¢-YMMV

Ear Plugs - Spark Plugs  4164JSyy97L._AC_

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