Geco .22 Ammo

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Geco .22 Ammo

Post by Colt711 on 11/23/2015, 7:50 pm

Hi Everyone,
I heard the local Rural King has this ammo in stock so went right over and bought the limit of 3 50 rd boxes.  I can't get to the range 'til Wed to try it out so in the meantime,

Have any of you had experience with this ammo? What are your results and opinions?

This stuff is labeled in large black letters on a yellow background as SemiAuto. Is it intended to compete with the 325 rd AutoMatch Fed ammo or the similair packaged ammo by CCI? Fed is listed @ 1200 FPS and I think the CCI is listed the same.

Thanks for any information which can be provided.

Ron Habegger


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Re: Geco .22 Ammo

Post by jglenn21 on 11/23/2015, 9:28 pm

haven't run the Semi-auto Geco but their Rifle version makes perfect pistol ammo.

For me it shoots the same point of impact as SK standard plus or pistol match so it makes great practice stuff.. it shoots very well in my Nelson and Smith 41

Made by RWS

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Re: Geco .22 Ammo

Post by KevinB on 11/23/2015, 9:45 pm

3, 50 round boxes?  Can't you mail order ammo in Florida?


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Re: Geco .22 Ammo

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