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Hard Ball Gun on Loan to Me

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Hard Ball Gun on Loan to Me Empty Hard Ball Gun on Loan to Me

Post by Tim:H11 Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:13 pm

So I was thinking of using my wad gun as my hardball gun since I shoot irons any way. But I have the trigger set lower than four pounds and didn't feel like changing that. And then theres still the idea of wether or not I'm gonna stick with slab sides or use anatomical grips. 

So I decided it would be best to get a dedicated hard ball gun. Luckily my mentor's fathers gun was available. A 1940's Colt 1911 Government Model. It was a gift to my mentors father, then when he got into bullseye he sent it off to some german pistol smith in Ohio to be accurized. A very tight slide to frame fit but smooth. A make shift front sight, a Micro barrel bushing, a Micro adjustable rear sight. And I don't know what about the barrel. Very shallow rifling but still shoots tens. When my mentor inherited the gun it had target grips on it. The grips did not allow his hand to depress the grip safety so he had it disabled. 

I fitted a new grip safety today, and the sear and hammer seemed to be less than safe. It did not pass all function checks. So I replaced the hammer and sear and while I was at it I gave it a new sear spring. Also because I plan to fire factory ammo in it I put in a new factory recoil spring. And lastly the grips were changed to slab sides at some point but one wood and one plastic and worn and did not match. I had a mil spec plastic set I threw on it so it would have a matching set of grips. 

I saved all the parts I took out and if need be the gun can be restored to the condition I received it in. The owner told me to take it and use it and give it what it needs for parts to be safe and legal. 

Hard Ball Gun on Loan to Me CH-Colt-02

Hard Ball Gun on Loan to Me CH-Colt-01

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