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Post by Magload on 11/28/2017, 9:07 pm

Picked up my my new RO today at the indoor range I shoot at.  Did a quick clean and ran some rounds through her.  These were hot reloads to match my carry loads when i used to carry a 9MM.  First was 10 rounds from a rest at a 20yd B-5 target.  Do to eye problems and new glasses I could not focus the front sight and was getting a double image of it.  Went ahead and fired away and had 10 in the black most Xs and 10s.  Very happy with that.  I then did the two hand 5 @ 5yds, 5 @ 7yds, and 5 @ 10yds and kept all 15 in a 1 inch bull.   I can say I my very happy with the gun and just waiting on the money to send it off to KC to become a fine 38 Super.  This is my third RO as I have a 9MM Champion, and a 45.  BTW the Champion is the one I had the slide milled for a Vemon and it is my favorite non BE pistol.

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Re: New SA 9MM RO

Post by SmokinNJokin on 11/30/2017, 8:13 am

I did the same thing, bought a new 9mm RO and sent it off to Jon for rebuild. He talked me into .38 super as well, such a versatile caliber. Can load super accurate, light short line loads or really hot manslayers for carry. Not that I will ever carry it, I either carry a Dan Wesson Valor in .45 or a Glock 19.


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