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What is a Marksman?

IT1 Wes
Jon Eulette
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What is a Marksman? - Page 2 Empty What is a Marksman?

Post by LenV 11/29/2017, 1:01 am

First topic message reminder :

What is a Marksman. A Marksman is someone who has actually shot enough NRA Precision Pistol matches to earn the classification. It is not a classification you get by never having fired a shot in a match. An individual that has never shot in a match or is just beginning and has not fired 360 rounds is officially considered "unclassified" (may have a temporary classification). I only bring this up because it is important when we connect with other members on this forum to know if they have shot a match before. Some concepts are hard to explain to an individual that has never actually been there done that but they put down that they are classified "Marksman". Everybody has a right to their own opinion. Classifications you have to earn. Just my .02


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What is a Marksman? - Page 2 Empty Re: What is a Marksman?

Post by robert84010 11/29/2017, 8:20 pm

Slartybartfast wrote:
robert84010 wrote:I remember there being a big range in Dryden, Ontario that holds matches and maybe even the Nationals. 
Great idea! That's only a 22hr drive from home.  lol!

Seems no affiliated clubs east of Ontario. Looks like an opportunity/need to expand the sport...
ok. the off the top of my head Canadian geography needs a little work.


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What is a Marksman? - Page 2 Empty Re: What is a Marksman?

Post by mikemyers 11/29/2017, 8:25 pm

IT1 Wes wrote:When a person registers on BullseyeL, the default classification is, "Marksman." Perhaps the default classification should be, "Unclassified." ......

If we want to make everyone happy, and avoid any confusion, use:

  • Not yet NRA Classified

Nobody will confuse this with how good they are(n't), and makes it clear that the classification is only from NRA.

Practically speaking, the only way this will be achieved, is for the forum software to delete everyone's classification data, so we can start over again.  Otherwise we will come up with a nice answer in this discussion, but the overwhelming majority of user info in the forum won't change, for lots of reasons.

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What is a Marksman? - Page 2 Empty Re: What is a Marksman?

Post by messenger 11/29/2017, 8:26 pm

LenV wrote:
joy2shoot wrote:Ok, I am confused.  When I first started NRA Precision Pistol I was told I had to put Master on my scorecard until I got an official classification from the NRA.  Was I a victim of some kind of inside joke?
Not a victim. Everyone that does not have a classification has to shoot UNC-Master for the first match. Then you can use your temporary classification you established for the next match (If you recorded it properly). This stops a great Newbie from coming in and tearing up the Marksman class. In a small match you will be put in with the Masters. In larger matches with enough new shooters you may have a separate bracket for UNC-Masters.

Yeah, same thing happened to me. At least I was a Master for a day. Woo Hoo!!


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What is a Marksman? - Page 2 Empty Re: What is a Marksman?

Post by CR10X 11/30/2017, 6:54 am

I was trying not to weigh in here but, of course.....

I think Len's point here is getting to be more important, especially for newer participants on the forum.  Please remember that this forum, "A Forum dedicated to the sport of Bullseye shooting", is the result of evolution of format, but not necessarily in purpose over many years.  But the purpose was and still includes trying to get people more interested in Bullseye shooting.  The forum was not initially developed as a general shooting forum as there are quite a few of those.   

In particular the word "Bullseye" was used to denote the sport of what was called "NRA Bullseye shooting", which became "NRA Conventional Pistol", which became "NRA Precision Pistol".  So for many and most of the members that have migrated here over the years, the whole of the forum, including the "Classification", Topics, and general conversation is geared toward the "Bullseye" sport aspect.

This forum and "Target Talk" which is geared more toward Olympic / ISSF shooting sports, are two of the more specific shooting forums I have found for the exchange of information related to precision sport pistol shooting, but each has their differences and similarities. 

Hopefully this helps explain why the classification note says "NRA Classification" to denote a specific accomplishment as opposed to other forums where descriptions are chosen or simply attained by number of posts, etc. Being Unclassified is OK, adding information on other classifications, specific Division, etc. in the signature or descriptions are OK, anything that helps both parties understand the background and purpose is OK in my humble opinion.  

In any event, I hope everyone continues to participate, but as Len said, it might make communication, in both directions, better. 

Thank you for your time. 



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What is a Marksman? - Page 2 Empty Re: What is a Marksman?

Post by Bullseye_Stan 11/30/2017, 7:20 am

Also, some clubs don't send in their scores, other than for specific events.  I shoot at a local club that does not send the scores to NRA, except for two events a year that are advertised.  The weekly events are two gun, .22 and centerfire.  I haven't shot one of the two events they host each year, but I expect that's two gun as well, since the range is 25 yards.  But, I'll find out. 

Over time, it appears the rules change also.  I got my initial classification shooting .22 indoors at 50 ft.  I still have my NRA card from '93 showing my sharpshooter classification from that period (I am a marksman again at this point).  I think the NRA keeps the classification information to place you in an NRA official sanctioned event with other shooters based on your average score.  However, a Bullseye shooting competition can be held, with all the protocols, targets, and regalia, but the scores never sent to the NRA (apparently, the NRA charges money when this is done).  If the scores aren't sent into the NRA, no classification (or classification update) is assigned to the shooter.


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What is a Marksman? - Page 2 Empty Re: What is a Marksman?

Post by Sponsored content

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