Fine Gun Smitting.. Have Big Hamer and Dremil!

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Fine Gun Smitting.. Have Big Hamer and Dremil!

Post by Tim:H11 on 2/19/2018, 8:09 am

So I have this fairly nice STI hammer I got in a trade and wanted to sell it but decided to keep it and use it. Problem is, it wouldn’t fit with a mil spec grip safety. So I thought “that’s ok, I have a file”. After a few passes I could see this was going to take a little while. It being past 9:PM already I said “heck with this game! I got me a Dremel tool somewhere in this house!” And about 10 minutes later it fit! I need to go back over it with emery cloth or sand paper and smooth it out, maybe stone it finish it. I’ve got some cold blue kicking around here somewhere’s and I’ll touch it up. No it’s not professional looking but I just need it to work for now. 


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