KC Crawford to be at Point Blank Range

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KC Crawford to be at Point Blank Range

Post by joy2shoot on 3/15/2018, 8:58 am

I was copied on the following email.  So if you live in the Charlotte, NC area, this may interest you.  I assume it is referring to the Point Blank Range facility in Matthews, NC (there are two Point Blank Range facilities outside Charlotte).

.....email out to your list of BE Competitors that KC will be at Point Blank Range this Saturday afternoon and Sunday if they would like to talk with him or have some gun work done before the season gets hot and heavy. Not often the Gunsmith comes to them.

Brian "Gunny" Zins


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Re: KC Crawford to be at Point Blank Range

Post by kc.crawford.7 on 3/16/2018, 6:35 am

Yes it is the Matthews range.

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