Practice Targets

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Practice Targets

Post by ScottSimmonds on 8/19/2011, 8:02 pm

I am doing all of my practice shooting at 50 yards using a standard B6 target.

Last night we had a practice session shooting NRA short courses - 25 yards - boy were the targets big!

I was practicing tonight and came up with the idea of practicing at 50 yards using a 25 yard target - to make practicing even harder. Making the match targets look even bigger.

Anyone think this will hurt? Good idea? Dumb idea?


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Re: Practice Targets

Post by Founder on 8/19/2011, 10:43 pm

Practice what you will actually be shooting at makes sense to me.



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Re: Practice Targets

Post by Rob Kovach on 8/19/2011, 11:24 pm

I think I remember a good coach saying, work on the 25 yard line until you have mastered your shot process, and are shooting 100's--tight groups, then work on the long line.
Besides-your match has more 25 yard targets.

They also said that you are training your finger to react to what your eye sees, without a separate thought to get the trigger to move to the rear. The separate thought is what causes anticipation/flinching.
If you change what your eye sees to be a false image, your finger may not respond correctly when your eye sees the correct image.
Rob Kovach

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Re: Practice Targets

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