Wolff 1911 Variable power or standard recoil spring

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Wolff 1911 Variable power or standard recoil spring

Post by Virgil Kane on 10/19/2015, 5:23 pm

Curious how many gunsmiths, if any are using the variable power recoil spring from Wolf as compared to the standard spring for BE pistols? In the FAQ's section on the Wolf site it states that the variable power will let the slide open sooner than the standard recoil spring of the same poundage but in full recoil will be the same. In reading through the Bullseye L list most gunsmiths are saying that opening or going out of battery too soon isn't good for 50 yard accuracy. 

Seems like a stupid question but if VP springs are letting the slide opening sooner would these would be used more for a defensive pistol situation where accuracy isn't as critical as absolute function?  Am I missing something by NOT using Wolff variable power springs in my BE guns?


Virgil Kane

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Re: Wolff 1911 Variable power or standard recoil spring

Post by DavidR on 10/20/2015, 9:46 am

i use to use them all the time, they are great if you shoot different loads. But i found things seem to work better with the red package wolf standard spring once i find the load i want to shoot and match it to a spring.

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