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Winter at home training

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Winter at home training Empty Winter at home training

Post by Guest 12/7/2019, 2:42 am

I am at my winter home - no firearms possible. I have a nice .177 air pistol with a red dot for precision practise in my ~7yd "range" between rooms upstairs. It is very accurate and good for many aspects of training - I hate dry firing and so this is a good option for me.

But I want to be able to practise sustained fire and also open sight target acquisition and recovery. I went to the main local market for "Airsoft" guns and found this copy of a CZ75 Shadow 2 - cost about $120 - made in Taiwan by KJ Works. It is physically an extremely close copy of a CZ and is similar weight to a fully loaded real gun. It holds 25 plastic BB's and runs on C3H8 gas dosed with silicone oil, the slide even locks back when the magazine is empty - amazing! Ammo and gas are quite cheap and readily available locally by mail order. I have a target box "catcher" but most of the BB's tend to bounce back - that is a problem cause they are a pain to pick up.

The rear "combat" sight has a functioning elevation screw and the sight is retained by two long hex socket grub screws, loosen and drift the complete sight for windage adjustment, easy.  The trigger is DA/SA, but a bit too light for realistic EIC Service practise. The gun does simulate recoil with each shot, somewhat less than a 22, but enough to require the complete re-aquisition of the sights each time, good. It is surprisingly accurate and will easily hold the 3" stickers I use as aiming marks. As a cheap and easy TF/RF practise tool it is very fit for purpose.

Winter at home training Img_2247

Winter at home training Img_2248

Winter at home training Img_2249
TThis is 25 shots fired in roughly RF pace 5 shot strings.
Winter at home training Img_2250


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