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trigger pull tips & tricks

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trigger pull tips & tricks Empty trigger pull tips & tricks

Post by bpettet 8/16/2020, 9:27 am

Seems odd that no one has posted in this section for 13 days.  This is one of the most important parts of the forum.

Every trigger is different.  My mentor says you need to be able to work with all kinds of triggers, whatever that takes; pulling to the corner, straight back, dragging your finger, etc.  I recently started experimenting with using the trigger guard as a straight edge to guide the finger straight back on a tough trigger that isn't easy to use. It works with lots of different angles and even along the top edge.  I'm also experimenting with doing it weak handed as a stretch goal for myself.  It's been particularly helpful as I work on improving my SF targets.  I know it's helping by watching the dot.  

What other things are working out there for you with different kinds of trigger pulls?


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trigger pull tips & tricks Empty Re: trigger pull tips & tricks

Post by sbtzc 8/17/2020, 4:04 pm

I've tried using the trigger guard or other part of the gun as a 'helper', but it's no help for me. My finger has to be independent and seperate. 

Maybe it's just me, but I really have to work on getting my finger placement perfect or I move the shot right/left. Then, I try to pull  straight back. I'll even think the word "straight". Sometimes I try to visualize the front sight or dot being pulled straight back to my eye focus with trigger pressure. That's for straight pull triggers like a 1911. For pivoting triggers, the problem is multiplied as the height on the trigger changes as the trigger moves.

Some guns give helpful clues. Pardini has a notch (for weight check?) that I use for replicable finger placement. I've considered putting a little notch on other triggers for the same purpose.

In another thread asking for advice, CR10X talked about the importance of setting everything up just right, one thing at a time, in the smallest divisible part possible. (https://www.bullseyeforum.net/t14873-yes-i-m-pushing-now-what) The trigger finger placement needs to be on that list. This one-thing-at-a-time set-up (for me) is confidence building and can be relaxing. I know I'm set-up correctly.

It may be a huge safety issue, but I'll finger the trigger before raising the pistol. So far, I've only shot 1 bench.  Shocked Embarassed Crying or Very sad  Evil or Very Mad


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trigger pull tips & tricks Empty Re: trigger pull tips & tricks

Post by bullseye67 12/13/2020, 12:45 pm

Good morning,

I also use the notch or groove in the Pardini trigger to orientate my placement on the trigger. When coaches and the high score shooters talk about writing down the steps and following them until they are invisible, this is something that is now invisible in my process. A small trick I use is...If the hand grip doesn’t feel as solid as I think it should. I press my trigger finger under the trigger guard and squeeze....really hard. It drives the grip into the web of my hand. Makes a difference especially with CF it stops the slight shift on the first shot and makes the position of the trigger finger the same every shot.

I didn’t realize how much I relied on feeling the notch in my Pardini trigger until I was shooting a revolver with a very light trigger in SA and as I was feeling for the familiar notch in the ready position “boom” right into the floor!!! It didn’t seem to frazzle me as I still shot a 89...but it did rattle the guys on both sides of me....


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trigger pull tips & tricks Empty Re: trigger pull tips & tricks

Post by bruce martindale 12/13/2020, 2:01 pm

Maybe the pull needs to end with you square and coming straight back. Long pulls may require a start that isn't straight. In my case I inadvertently tend to curl my finger and end up at an angle with the associated tic in sights at discharge. I consciously uncurl my finger and focus on that pull at the expense of sight picture. Learn to walk before learning to run, or fly...

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trigger pull tips & tricks Empty Re: trigger pull tips & tricks

Post by JNW1 12/13/2020, 7:23 pm

All of my 1911s have standard curved triggers.  Does anyone think a straight trigger is an advantage? All my triggers also have a hole drilled for the overtravel screw and I use that to position my finger.  I do have a Ruger 22/45 Mk IV with a TK straight trigger and really like it.


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trigger pull tips & tricks Empty Re: trigger pull tips & tricks

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