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TK only show in town for Victory ?

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TK only show in town for Victory ? Empty TK only show in town for Victory ?

Post by Al W. 8/21/2020, 2:58 pm

Hey folks,
 I shoot a HS Trophy at the range , but these days if I want to practice I shoot next to my garage at 25 yards.
 I have a natural berm , I'm out of town limits and shoot with a can to keep the neighbors and my wife happy.
My Trophy needs no improvement, but  it doesn't have a thread and the S&W 422 I had just can't get it done.
I poked around the internet and found a used Victory with a Volquartsen 5.5'  threaded barrel and put my money down.
Its not bad, even with the can on there I'm grouping and with a lot of concentration I'm in the black, not the pistol my 
Trophy is , but that isn't a surprise.
I know some of you folks have been down the garden path with the Victory and tell me this.
Is there an aftermarket trigger that eliminates the excessive travel of the stock trigger ?
I'm moving a mile before I hit the wall, then it breaks nicely, but its really over travel, more like a DA/SA 659 than a target
Is the TK worth the trip ? Any one else making an aftermarket trigger for this thing. Doesn't sound like the TK is perfect.
Its a nice little practice gun, but.
The SS Volquartsen barrel makes the V is little barrel heavy with the can, but I'm playing the hand I'm dealt the next purchase is a set of the VQ
grips I suppose.
Another equipment rabbit hole Smile
Al W.
Al W.

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TK only show in town for Victory ? Empty Re: TK only show in town for Victory ?

Post by Jon Eulette 8/21/2020, 3:15 pm

It's been a while and the only one I did a trigger job on, but the TK trigger helped with some adjustments. Biggest thing to do on that gun is reduce sear engagement during trigger job. I removed quite a bit of material.
Jon Eulette
Jon Eulette

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