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Pardini Trigger

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Pardini Trigger Empty Pardini Trigger

Post by Froneck Fri Mar 12, 2021 9:04 am

I might regret this post but I have made Aluminum Bronze triggers for the Pardini .22. A few guys that purchased 1911 shoes had Pardini .22 and wanted shoes to match the 1911. Better to make the entire trigger. In addition they had the grip adapters for 1911 grips so they wanted the trigger I made to alter the angle of the trigger because the angle of the trigger will be altered when changing the grips. The new trigger will move the trigger angle to be the same with the 1911 grips as it was with the Pardini ergo grips. Thought I would mention it to those with the 1911 grips on the Pardini. If interested e-mail me at FSCO@pa.net


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