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The aohio Triple Crown sponsored by Accuracy X……

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The aohio Triple Crown sponsored by Accuracy X…… Empty The aohio Triple Crown sponsored by Accuracy X……

Post by Danehogle Tue Jun 08, 2021 5:51 pm

Hi Everyone!! Here are the rules for the upcoming Triple Crown match!!

As this is our first year hosting this match, constructive comments are always welcome! If you have comments or concerns, please email me at the address listed below.
Thanks to Cardinal Shooting Center, Canton McKinley Rifle and Pistol, The CMP and all our wonderful sponsors for helping make this happen!!
Remember, the more of your fellow class shooters that sign up, the bigger the pot!

                                        The Ohio Triple Crown
Entry Fee - $50
Award Terms –
“The Triple Crown Winner” is the person that wins the overall 2700 aggregates at the following matches;
Cardinal 4Gun match 5-7 July
Canton McKinley Regional 9-11 July
CMP National Matches 12-16 July

“The High Aggregate Winner” is the person with the high overall 2700 aggregate (but didn’t win all three matches) of the following matches;
Cardinal 4Gun match 5-7 July
Canton McKinley Regional 9-11 July
CMP National Matches 12-16 July

These same terms apply to the class awards as well. For example:
The Expert Class shooter that wins the Expert class at all three of the above mentioned matches would be the “Expert Class Triple Crown Winner”. 
The Expert Class shooter that has the high aggregate from those same matches (but didn’t win the Expert Class in all three) is the “High Expert Class Aggregate Winner”, and so on with the other Classes.
Here is an example of how a shooter can be the high aggregate winner in their class, but not the Triple Crown Winner.
           Shooter A shoots 825, 824, 825. With that, they have won two of the 900s but not all three.
           Shooter B shoots 824, 825, 824. With this, Shooter A is the High Aggregate winner, but not the 
           Triple Crown Winner. 
If an aggregate award is mentioned, unless otherwise stated, that aggregate is taken from the three matches stated above.

Prize Table – 
The $50 entry fee breaks down like this.
                       $5 per entry goes to ORPA to cover costs of the match
                       $45 goes to the Class award bucket of the entrant (i.e. the Expert Shooter is paying into  
                       the Expert class awards pot) 
The Triple Crown Winner will receive a check from AccuracyX for $3000.

The High Aggregate Winner will win a check for $200.

AccuracyX - $1000 gift certificate to the Marksman Class/ Triple Crown or High Aggregate

Pardini -
Winner of the high aggregate of all three .22 900's - a case of Eley and the Pardini trophy.
If the same winner for all three .22 900's- $1000
The high 1800 (.22 900 and CF 900 from all three matches) aggregate - case of Eley and $300.
If the same winner for all three .22 and Centerfire 900's- choice of a Pardini .22 or .32 pistol.

Vulcan’s Forge Inc. -$100 to the Triple Crown Winner of each class. (HM, M, E, SS, MK)

Richter Precision - $50 to the High Aggregate Winner of each class. (HM, M, E, SS, MK).

ORPA Junior Pistol - $1000 to the Junior Triple Crown winner.

Kodiak Machine - H mount, a set of shades and a 9000 mount to the Expert Triple Crown or High Aggregate winner.

Dane Hogle Technologies - $100 to the High Woman Aggregate winner. Also donating an RDS system to the High Woman Class Triple Crown Winner.

Red Feather Outfitters - Special Edition .22 rifle to the Junior Class High Aggregate Winner.

Mike Curtis - NM barrel donated to the Sharpshooter Class Triple Crown Winner, or the High Sharpshooter Class Aggregate Winner.

As more sponsors sign on, those funds or items will be distributed throughout the prize table in a fair and equitable manner.

What if there is no Triple Crown winner in your class? That entry fee money then stays in your Class’s pot and rolls over to the next year.
Those roll over funds will be managed by ORPA in a separate account from all other business. Account balance will be made available by request and updated and shared publicly throughout the year.
The High Aggregate Winners will be paid out each year. As sponsorship grows, those payouts will grow.
As sponsorship grows we will add further award categories.

If you have any questions please email Jim Henderson at hendo.cardinalcenter@yahoo.com.

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