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CMP Classifications and the Ohio Triple Crown

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CMP Classifications and the Ohio Triple Crown Empty CMP Classifications and the Ohio Triple Crown

Post by RoyDean Sat Jul 23, 2022 1:18 pm

The CMP Classifications continue to be unreliable. At Perry I was classified as an Expert (presumably because I shot poorly at Cardinal and Perry last year and have not shot any other CMP registered 2700's since) and don't deserve any higher with the way I shot at Cardinal and Perry this year too. But, AFAIK, Canton used NRA Classifications - I am NRA Master - and shot to my classification - fair enough.

But, when I looked at the Perry results for this year I notice that some long time NRA High Masters who generally shoot to their classification were also CMP classified as Experts - they outshot me by a mile, of course. But I also know one NRA Marksman who was classified as CMP Sharpshooter, even though he has never shot a SS level score in any registered match.

It seems that the CMP Classification system continues to be "all screwed up". That is not really a problem for me, so I am not bothered by it.


The Ohio Triple Crown "money match" offered cash prizes to the top shooter in each classification over the 3 championships. How does that work when an NRA Classified HM/MA/EX/SS/MK for Canton has a different classification at Cardinal and Perry?


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CMP Classifications and the Ohio Triple Crown Empty Re: CMP Classifications and the Ohio Triple Crown

Post by mspingeld Sat Jul 23, 2022 2:20 pm

I contacted Jim Henderson about the above. His response:

"For the Triple Crown I looked at every classification from each person. Several of them were “wrong” due to my knowledge of that shooter. When I called them and told them they were being moved to HM like they should be, they all had no issues with it. I used the CMP classification for anyone that entered, as two of the three matches are CMP matches. It’s not a perfect system but we’re getting better at it. Also something people need to remember is, this is only the second time we’ve done a national level 2700. We haven’t even been doing sanctioned Match Gun events for a full 2 years yet. I sincerely ask anyone that has constructive criticism on how we do things, to please email me."

I think we can all agree that Jim and the CMP are really stepping up in the precision pistol arena. Don't hesitate to contact him. He truly wants to hear your thoughts.


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