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NRA Regional Pinson AL Oct 16-17

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NRA Regional Pinson AL Oct 16-17 Empty NRA Regional Pinson AL Oct 16-17

Post by bmize1 9/7/2021, 12:33 pm

NRA Regional Pistol Championship 
DR, CMP Service Pistol and Rimfire EICs  
Sponsored by Magic City Gun Club 
Date:  Oct 16 – 17, 2021 
Location:  Magic City Gun Club, 7089 Narrows Road, Pinson, AL 
Lat/Long: 33.710715 N 86.712223 W
Eligibility:  Open to any individual.   
NRA Membership Number:  In order to enter scores of competitors in the computer classification system, all competitors who are NRA members must provide their NRA member ID number on their score card.  Non-NRA members who have a classification number must put that number on their entry card.     
Rules:  Current NRA Conventional Pistol Rules will govern for the Regional Championship and NRA Distinguished Revolver Match.  Current Civilian Marksmanship Program rules will govern for the CMP Service Pistol (Leg) Match and .22 Rimfire Match.  CMP affidavits will be processed during check in. 
Awards:  Awards will be issued to the Match Winner, Match Runner-Up, as well as the high scorer in each classification.  The CMP will award place medals and points accordingly.  
Classification:  The NRA classification system will be used in all matches.  Individuals who have not been classified will fire in the Master Class.  Rule 19.6 (Assigned Classification) may be used.   
Divisions:  The NRA equipment division system will be used for the championship.  Those divisions are: Open, Metallic and .22 Only Divisions. Scores will be reported as noted on competitor’s registration cards. A minimum of three competitors must participate to offer a separate championship for either division other than OPEN.
Categories:   There will be Civilian and Military categories for this Championship.  NOTE:  Police competitors will compete in Civilian category for awards.  Scores will be reported as Police category.   
Classes:  A minimum of 4 competitors will constitute a class.  If less than 4 competitors, those competitors will compete in the next higher class.  If there are less than 4 High Masters in a category/class, they will compete for open awards only.   
Challenges:  A challenge fee of $2 will be charged for each challenge made.  See NRA rule 16 for correct procedure. 
             Entry Fee for AL State Championship 2700 $75   
             NRA Distinguished Revolver Match             $15 
            CMP Leg Match                                             $20
             .22 Rimfire Match                                          $20
            Package fee (all individual matches)              $100 
Refunds:  If a competitor can not complete a portion of the matches previously paid for, refunds will be apportioned for payment received. If a competitor purchased the “Full Package”, refunds will be given at a rate of up to $10 per each of the Distinguished Revolver and CMP Matches not fired for any reason (including a lack of minimum participants), and $25 per 900.  
Squadding:  Squadding will be completed by match time on the day of the match.  Match director will have final authority on squadding and start times. 
Time of Firing:  Firing will commence at 9:00 AM each day. 
             J. Bellipanni 
             205-937-1471 Please do not call after 8:00 PM CST.                 

Entries Limited:  Entries are limited to 31 competitors.  Preference will be given to competitors who pre-register.   
Post Entries:  Post entries will be accepted up to the stated limit of the range, provided such entries will not require special relays.   
Awards:  NRA State Championship Medallions for first, second, and third place open awards in the Regional Championship Medals for the CMP Service Pistol Match are provided by the Civilian 
Marksmanship Program.  All other awards are provided by Magic City Gun Club   
Match Schedule:  For all days, relay start times are as follows: 
             9:00 AM                    .22 & CF/ 45 matches             
              After CF match          Provided lunch on Saturday                
              After lunch                NRA DR / CMP Service Pistol / CMP 22 Rimfire 
             Saturday, Oct 17, 2016         Match 1 - .22 Caliber Slow Fire 
                                                            Match 2 - .22 Caliber National Match Course 
                                                            Match 3 - .22 Caliber Timed Fire  
                                                            Match 4 - .22 Caliber Rapid Fire 

Match 6 - Center Fire Slow Fire 
Match 7 - Center Fire National Match Course 
Match 8 - Center Fire Timed Fire  
Match 9 - Center Fire Rapid Fire 
NRA DR / CMP Service Pistol/CMP 22 Rimfire  
            Sunday, Oct 18, 2016 
Match 11 - .45 cal Slow Fire 
Match 12 - .45 cal National Match Course 
Match 13 - .45 cal Timed Fire  
Match 14 - .45 cal Rapid Fire 
The NRA Distinguished Revolver, CMP Service Pistol, and CMP 22 Rimfire Match will be conducted immediately following the lunch.  The awards ceremony will be held immediately following completion of the match.   
             Aggregate Matches:   
            Match 5 - Regional .22 Caliber Championship, aggregate of Matches 1, 2, 3, and 4 
            Match 10 - Regional Center Fire Championship, aggregate of Matches 6, 7, 8, and 9 
            Match 15 - Regional .45 Caliber Championship, aggregate of Matches 11, 12, 13, and 14              Match 16 - Regional Championship, aggregate of Matches 5, 10, and 15 
Directions to Range:  From I-65, take exit 280 to Highway 31 South, left on Morris Majestic Road/151/131, cross New Castle/Bradford Road, and Morris Majestic becomes Narrows Road.  
Range is 1.7 miles on left. 
From I-59, take exit 141 onto Chalkville Road, cross Old Springville Road, turns to Sweeny Hollow Road, take to Pinson Valley Road/ Highway 79, take right to Narrows Road, take left onto Narrows Road.  Range is 2.3 miles on right.   
Lodging:  All expenses and reservations for lodging, travel to and from this competition, local transportation, etc. are the responsibility of the competitor.  Numerous motels and hotels in the Birmingham area are available and are located at the intersections of I-459, I-20/59 and I-65.  Best Western Plus Gardendale (205) 631-1181 and Holiday Inn Express 205-655-2700 are the closest, but others are in close proximity to them.   


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