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Got my CMP Classification Card

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Got my CMP Classification Card Empty Got my CMP Classification Card

Post by Orpanaut Wed Sep 08, 2021 12:18 pm

Yesterday, 7 September 2021, I received my first CMP classification card.  It has classifications for both "pistol" (meaning "service pistol") and "match pistol" (based on "regular" 2700 match shooting.  It doesn't look like the CMP is going to have separate "indoor pistol" and "outdoor pistol" classifications like the NRA uses. 

My match pistol classification is Expert, which feels like a demotion since I've had an NRA Master card for over twenty years now.  But I think this is based on my scores from Camp Perry and I didn't shoot very well there this year so I will just have to work my way up again. 

The CMP classification card doesn't have any information about Distinguished status, even though there's plenty of blank space where they could have listed that.


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Got my CMP Classification Card Empty Re: Got my CMP Classification Card

Post by straybrit Wed Sep 08, 2021 12:44 pm

Interesting. Mine (from last year) has 'Pistol' and 'Rimfire Pistol'.  I assume they mean the 2 EIC categories by that. I hope so because the rimfire one has me as a High Master with an average score of 90.33. Who knew it was that easy?


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