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Considering a Pardini .22 for BE

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Considering a Pardini .22 for BE - Page 4 Empty Considering a Pardini .22 for BE

Post by xman 10/6/2021, 7:17 pm

First topic message reminder :

After watching the Rapid fire 25M juniors in Lima, seeing the zero recoil of the Pardini.

What do I need to know about the the line up of Pardini 22s? Barrels?, ammo finicky? Dot sites? mounts, etc.

The full report please. I only shoot .22 for the full 2700 and EIC .22.

I would finance it by liquidation of my SW M41 with OEM 5.5 barrel and Clark 5.5 STC barrel with bridge for Vortex RD2 sight with 4 OEM mags

Also liquidation of Browning Buckmark Field Model with full length rail with 4 mags

Also liquidation of my Colt Hbar Sporter .223 with handle model with NM front and rear sights and at least 10 20rd Colt mags.

Yes it smacks of trying to buy points .. guilty.

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Considering a Pardini .22 for BE - Page 4 Empty Re: Considering a Pardini .22 for BE

Post by Toz35m 10/14/2021, 2:03 pm

chiz1180 wrote:The pardini fan boys are kind of missing the point, its not the gun it is the guy shooting it that makes the score happen. A pardini is not magic gun that automatically increases your score. Telling a marksman (or any other classification for that matter) that spending $3k on a gun with the justification that it will "increase his score" is stupid.

I am a Pardini fan.  But I did point out it is not the gun that makes the shooter.  I have seen several people get a 20-40 point bump by going from rugers or model 41's.  Both of those are very capable pistols.

My advise to a new shooter would be buy what they can afford to purchase because I know they have to learn the basics and it will take time to learn.  I would also tell them they need a pistol and ammo combination that you can count on working 100% of the time so they are not worried about when is my next alibi.  Well maybe 99.99%

I shot an indoor 22 only 2700 several years ago.  Used a Ruger, 208s, and an old pardini without the weights in the front. All 3 had 1" ultra dots and used the same ammo.  I was a master at the time and had only shot above 870 2 times.  Shot a 770-9 with the Ruger then 807-7 with the 208s.  Then 875-25 with the Pardini.  I spent a lot of time trying to get that 208s to perform as good as the Pardini for me but it never did work out.  The small gap where the mag met the frame would pinch my pinky finger and the dot would never settle back down like the pardini would.

I am sure some MA/HM who shoot a conversion or 208 could pick up a Pardini and not shot it as well as the current pistol they use and some may not see a difference.

I like the simplicity of the Pardini.  It is easy to clean and had a great trigger.  There are lots of great guns out there but you need to find what works for you.  

Maybe if I had been shooting a conversion all these years with the same trigger as my 45 then my 45 scores would be better.

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Considering a Pardini .22 for BE - Page 4 Empty Re: Considering a Pardini .22 for BE

Post by dpelletier 10/27/2021, 12:18 pm

I use to use my S&W M41 for Bullseye League.
I bought a Pardini last year and my score immediately jumped up 20 points.
I shot my first 100 in timed and rapid with it.

Stock grip but I took all the weights out.


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Considering a Pardini .22 for BE - Page 4 Empty Re: Considering a Pardini .22 for BE

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