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Post by TexasC Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:49 pm

My name is Mike and I am an old guy but have just gotten into CMP service pistol and I do mean just! I have some experience shooting bullseye but very little. I like the sport a lot but there is no organized competitions near where I live. I recently sent a Remington R1 to my smith to get it done up as a service pistol (mid March but it has not returned). I have a chance to shoot in my first leg match this weekend and needed a pistol, as fate would have it I saw on this forum where a poster had just received a Les Baer service 1911 from Champions Choice so I contacted them Monday morning and they had what I wanted and needed in stock. Long story shorter I got myself a Les Baer service pistol and I am going to shoot it in my first leg match Sunday afternoon.
I have had an aggravating time trying to find 230gr fmj-rn bullets, finally got some Zero 230s and a few Hornady 230s that will give me a good start. If all goes well I will shoot all of my eligibility up this year and get an earlier start next year.
All of my bullseye experience is at 25yds, my first time in formal competition at 50yds this weekend. I am using new Starline brass - nickel plated - that was for me, with 5.0gr VVN320 powder and the Hornady 230gr fmj-rn lit by CCI LPmag, it is all that I had. So I am on my way to chase points and the badge.
I can't believe I have gone to this much effort for 30 shots, but wow they are difficult shots.
Thanks for listening!
Mike from NW Texas.


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Post by DeweyHales Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:38 pm

Welcome, Mike. 

It sounds like you have some great gear and ammo.  Make sure you have your zeros. 

Go to the match, meet people, ask questions, and learn as much as possible.  You'll have a great time. 

Service Pistol and Service Rifle are the main events.  Bullseye and High Power are great for practice and match pressure.

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Post by DavidR Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:30 pm

Thats a good load, i ransomed it out of a les baer ball gun in 2002 and it was less than 2'' at 50 yards using a similar bullet to the zero.  good luck and welcome to the forum

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