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What press kit to get - part 2

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What press kit to get - part 2 Empty What press kit to get - part 2

Post by Wes Lorenz Wed Jun 22, 2022 7:23 pm

If you are new to reloading or wondering which press to get - check out this man's 9 years worth of reloading machine setup, adjustment, and trouble shooting shown on his youtube channel (scroll down to find the first videos).
I like his demeanor and teaching methods.
He has a series on about every reloader made and they are more in-depth than others I have watched. He also has a women's reloading series and even one on rebuilding a Ransom reloader.
If I was a new BE shooter I'd want someone to direct me to these videos - so that's my contribution.
I'm not connected in any way with him, just hope this helps.


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