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1911 38spl Mags

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1911 38spl Mags Empty 1911 38spl Mags

Post by Rodger Barthlow 11/16/2022, 3:14 pm

Been looking to pick up some more 1911 38spl Wad Cutter magazines and found two new old stock on GB.
I knew Colt had made one that the feed lips resembled the S&W M52 and it was the most desirable one to have but had never seen one for sale until a few days ago and one of the two on GB was one with the S&W style feed lips but the other one was different also since the back lips that holds the rim in the magazine was different from what I had.
Colt engineers must have tried to improve over the original design and in the process made three different style feed lips. I now have all three styles. 
The pistol was built by Larry Lueteneger after he left the AMU and went into private business.
If you look at the back lips of the magazines that holds the rim of the cartridge and the feed lips you can see the differences.
Here's some pictures
1911 38spl Mags Kimg1017
1911 38spl Mags Kimg1018
1911 38spl Mags Kimg1016
Rodger Barthlow
Rodger Barthlow

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