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230 grain lead HP?

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230 grain lead HP? Empty 230 grain lead HP?

Post by Buck13 2/8/2023, 5:34 pm

Suggestions for load for target load for this bullet?

Powder, COAL and crimp ideas all of interest. Shooting them from a new SA RO, factory springs. I'll be switching to a lighter recoil spring and lighter SWC bullet ASAP, but this is what I have ready to go.

Powders I have that would make sense are HP38, Titegroup, and Trail Boss. Prefer HP38 since I have the most of it and it's in my powder measure now, but any would be OK.

I’m guessing 4 or 4.5 grains of HP38 might be the thing?


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230 grain lead HP? Empty Re: 230 grain lead HP?

Post by oldsalt444 2/9/2023, 3:38 pm

Try 4.5 gr. HP38 (a.k.a. Win 231 - same powder, different label) for about 765 fps.  Nice target velocity load.  Max is listed as 5.1 gr. in Lee Manual for 830 fps.

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