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Post by RADJAG Wed Mar 01, 2023 11:43 am

See replacement post below

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Scoring Tote Empty Re: Scoring Tote

Post by RADJAG Wed Mar 01, 2023 11:49 am

Hmmm. Sorry guys, got a problem again with inserting images. When I open "edit" the images show fine, but when the message is posted it only shows the servimg locators.

I had this problem two years ago which was the reason that I switched to a new account. Ho hum.


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Post by james r chapman Wed Mar 01, 2023 1:26 pm

Yeah, that’s a problem!Scoring Tote A4524f10
james r chapman
james r chapman

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Scoring Tote Empty Re: Scoring Tote

Post by RoyDean Wed Mar 01, 2023 4:37 pm

So - it seems that my RADJAG account simply will not permit to post images - Grrr... So I have switched to my other account (no doubt I will get another threat of deportation from JB!). Seems to work fine. Very annoying indeed!

We all have our own way of handling scoring and repairing - I've seen several nice solutions on the line. Here is a relatively "cheap and cheerful" tote I use.

Start by visiting your local Dollar Tree and buy these:-
Scoring Tote Dollar10

You will also need some small brads or screws (I used a narrow crown stapler), some wood or white glue and a can of spray paint in your preferred shade.

Lay out the items you want to include on the back of the clipboard, measure twice!!!, then cut to size. The offcuts of hardboard 
can then be cut to suit the retaining strips. Figure out the thickness of the planed strip of wood needed so that the stapler will be a snug fit, rip the wood to width (it is easy to cut even with a light handsaw - for my stapler 7/8" is about right) and then to length, sand it smooth. Nail or possibly screw through the hardboard into the wood strips, use a bit of glue and clamp it as you finish fixing. Sand everything smooth then spray to finish.

Scoring Tote Scorin10

Keep a gallon size ziplock bag handy for those rainy days - and a "write in the rain" pen - good to go!

The calculator is held in place with a bit of "carpet" double sided tape.

I prefer a small and easy on your hand Stapler - these usually disintegrate after a season or two of hard use, but cheap enough. The black lever also "parks" neatly.

Stapler – cheapest source I’ve seen:-
5/16” staples:-

Also add a scoring overlay that will slide neatly behind the staple pack.
Scoring Tote Conten10

I have some simple kitchen timers with a fridge magnet on the back and will add a small steel screw screw on the front cover to hold it.
Scoring Tote Timer_10


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Scoring Tote Empty Re: Scoring Tote

Post by Sponsored content

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