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Reloading 9mm

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Reloading 9mm Empty Reloading 9mm

Post by Colt711 7/5/2023, 6:31 pm

I have acquired a Sig P210 and to date have only fired a few boxes of factory. Do any of you have a load which has shot well for you? Right now I am only concerned w/ 25 yards. Currently I have Bullseye and WST powders on hand. I would like to use WST as I bought a couple of 4 pounders when pdr was in shortage.

I read somewhere that for accuracy in the 9 one needs to load close to factory. Can any of you verify the truth in that?  I would like to soften the loads a bit to ease the wear & tear on my arthritic wrist & hand.

Thanks for any help available!!

Ron Habegger


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Reloading 9mm Empty Re: Reloading 9mm

Post by RoyDean 7/5/2023, 8:30 pm

Look at this thread:-


There are several old threads on this subject - do a thorough search.


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Reloading 9mm Empty Re: Reloading 9mm

Post by x90rider 7/5/2023, 8:43 pm

Hey Ron,

I have (3) P210s. One Legend Target from Germany, a standard model made in USA, and the P210 Carry. I have loaded 115 grain bullets and dialed the powder down until the guns barely cycle. This gave me a baseline and then I adjusted the powder up until the groups were decent. The loads are still light and I have used Titegroup, Power Pistol, WW231, and WW244. For bullets I have used 115 RNFMJ, 115 SWCBB, and 115 HAP. The guns made in USA need about an additional .2 grains of powder to group well.



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Reloading 9mm Empty Re: Reloading 9mm

Post by Wobbley 7/5/2023, 8:45 pm

As Roy said, there are plenty of loads that work.  In my experience with 9mm which is NOT extensive, is that faster powders like Bullseye, WST, etc., don’t have any real benefit.  I’ve found better accuracy in powders like Unique, Power Pistol,and BE-86.  Bullet selection is key
!  For bullets, the HAP or XTP from Hornady and other JHP style work well as do heavy cast. 145-150 SWC,  IF your gun digests them.  There is not a lot of bullet seating margin, tho with heavy cast bullets as the length of the bullet is un-balanced in such a small case.  So I’d test 115 and 124 and see which shoots best and go from there. If I found a load that put 7/10 in the X-Ring at 25 yds with the other 3 solid 10s, I’d load up a couple of thousand and go play.

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Reloading 9mm Empty Re: Reloading 9mm

Post by blackhawk44 7/6/2023, 12:53 am

In my 210, I found 147gr bullets consistently more accurate than 115's. I found XTPs and Zeros equally accurate. I get 50 yd 5 round groups under 2.5 inches off sandbags. Just don't have access to a Ransom. My load is with a slower discontinued powder so when this jug is done I have to start over.


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Reloading 9mm Empty Re: Reloading 9mm

Post by Mainiac 7/6/2023, 7:27 pm

Ive shot my 210 usa,,over 3000 rds,all load tinkering.
Mp bullet
147 rcbs copy
133 275hg copy
These are my most accurate bullets

2.5 titegroup
3.4 powerpistol
3.6 hs6

These 3 powders shoot very tite.
2.5 tg,,may be the most consistant. 
2.3 grs wont eject.


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Reloading 9mm Empty Re: Reloading 9mm

Post by tovaert 7/9/2023, 9:31 am

I'll second the recommendation for 147 gr JHPs (~900 fps MV) for 50 yards in the 210A. Brazos 147 RN coated are also great for 25 yds. I used Alliant e^3, which is fast on the charts, but "feels" the same as WSF and BE. 1:10 twist barrels work well for the heavier bullets. No need to do a lot of experimenting in the P210A.


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Reloading 9mm Empty Re: Reloading 9mm

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