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purchase factory fresh or reloading

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purchase factory fresh or reloading Empty purchase factory fresh or reloading

Post by Eindecker Thu Jul 20, 2023 9:24 pm

iI was perusing the old email inbox and ran across an ad from one of the big retailers, and i followed along and found nice deals on 38 special.  Magtech wadcutters for 27 a box of 50, winchester for 1$ per round in that fancy 50 round box...  and a spot for Federal standard pressure 38 special lead swhp...  30$ a box.. 

I actually thought about it then i realized something,,,,  i dont need more 38 special brass.... and although i havent seen the magtech wadcutters in stock in perhaps 5 years..  OR lswchp in more perhaps,,, 

i got powder on hand that using speer data, i can get 1555 max load from a single pound of hp38....


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purchase factory fresh or reloading Empty Re: purchase factory fresh or reloading

Post by NuJudge Fri Jul 21, 2023 8:09 pm

If I remember correctly, the ammo disappeared about 2020, and the component bullets disappeared soon after.  There appeared to be a lot of new gun owners, who bought a lot of ammo, and many of those that found they could not get ammo decided to handload, so components disappeared soon after.  

I saw when Magtech announced they were not offering component bullets any more.  They make more money on assembled ammo than they do on component sales.  Magtech ammo is occasionally in stock, so expect components to come back, eventually.


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