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Pardini SPE  Empty Pardini SPE

Post by Sgtcongo Wed Nov 29, 2023 1:30 pm

HI new to the forum - my wife and I have been shooting bullseye for about 6 years now and I had built her a 22/45 when we started. I just purchased a Pardini SPE to replace it any feedback on getting her used to the Pardini? She shoots a 240's average now. And has kind of plateaued and am hoping this will help improve her scores. I know moving from my Buckmark to a Benelli Improved my average by 20 - 30 points. I think grip angle and trigger weight helped the most to improve my scores as it improved natural point of aim and trigger control improved. Any feedback on the move for her?


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Pardini SPE  Empty Re: Pardini SPE

Post by jimsteele Thu Nov 30, 2023 4:44 am

I did not like the the sharp grip angle on my SP22. It actually hurt my wrist. I ordered a 1911 style grip from "precision target grips". It is either plastic or rubber, so not pretty wood, but it feels more natural to me...Jim


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Pardini SPE  Empty Re: Pardini SPE

Post by tomd999 Sat Dec 02, 2023 11:00 am

I don’t know either of you to offer specific recommendations but in general:

1) I recommend removing the weights from the barrel shroud in the beginning, going from the 1911 grip angle with a center grip mass to Pardini with a muzzle heavy center of mass as it can cause forearm fatigue/strain until the shooter builds up sufficient tolerance for the weight bias. I recommend adding weights two at a time starting at the bottom until you find the happy balance.
2) Spend a lot of time dry firing, the 2 stage trigger is excellent but it is very different than a single stage 1911 or 22/45 style. Expect slow fire to improve and timed - rapid averages to dip slightly until the shooter gets used to the trigger.
3) if shooting irons, open the rear sight a little more than normal, in the beginning, most people find it takes a bit longer to get the sights aligned in T/R because of the long distance between them and the extra space helps this, once used to the recovery and spacing, the sight can be narrowed if desired.
4) if shooting an optic, get the lowest rings you can fit with the scope body, this will help with recovery and make for less change between 50/25. You can use either Weaver or Pic rings, you just have to mill the bottom until you have a flat to the tip so they can grab the tiny groove on the receiver, no need to spend the $ for the special ones just for the Pardini.

Ok, this should get you started, let me know if you want more details,


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Pardini SPE  Empty Re: Pardini SPE

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