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Hammerli Xesse going full auto

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Hammerli Xesse going full auto Empty Hammerli Xesse going full auto

Post by David Tenenbaum 12/9/2023, 10:24 am

I have an older Hammerli Xesse, with Larry's trigger, and it sporadically goes full auto, fires two rounds with a trigger pull. Obviously unsafe, wondering ig anyone else has experienced this and what was the fix? Thanks!


David Tenenbaum

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Hammerli Xesse going full auto Empty Re: Hammerli Xesse going full auto

Post by Sc0 12/9/2023, 5:09 pm

Checked your trigger bar disconnector to sear clearance?  If fire control group looks good then maybe a carbon ring built up in the chamber and slide slamming forward might be setting them off due to headspace.  Another thing to check is the firing pin to firing pin stop roll pin and spring, maybe developed a burr or binding and is locking the firing pin sporadically?


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